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Worried About Customs Clearance? Here is the solution!

The purpose of Customs Clearance

In the logistics industry, Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. Rates has qualified Customs Brokers who have completed the proper training, are licensed and have the legal authority to perform Customs Clearance for the client.

Customs Clearance is best left in the hands of experienced Logistics Companies - this can help avoid problems with Customs authorities. When it comes to Commercial Cargo, improper Customs Clearance can result in significant penalties and possibly criminal responsibility.

Customs Clearance stages

Forwarders from Y & H Cargo Pvt. Ltd. that operate globally have close relationships with top certification organizations with a broad range of accreditation. This permits them to perform certification for any goods within the shortest time possible, reducing costs at Customs Clearance of your goods. You can get the following documents:

  • Notification to the Customs Authority at the time of arrival and the prior statement.
  • Importer registration with the Customs authorities before the arrival of the goods.
  • Making Customs Payments (Taxes, VAT, Duties)
  • The process of waiting for the Customs Authorities' determination on the products' release.
  • Submitting the declaration of Customs either in paper or electronic form.

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