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We know the business have changes with leaps and bounds and so have their needs. We have customised import consolidation services for consignees who have multiple vendors located at various place. Besides full container shipments, we also undertake LCL shipments. By consolidating your multiple vendor's cargo into a full container, we ensure maximum container utilisation. Consolidating multiple vendor cargo also allow us to offer pre-sorting as per destinations and most effective and optimum distribution planning with our de-consolidation programs.

Our services include the following

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  • The cargo transportation to the stuffing poin
  • Stuffing of cargo in the container
  • Re-packing if necessary for the delivery
  • Special warehousing facilities for containerized, refrigerated and hazardous materials
  • Adequate insured private warehousing space.
  • Warehouse space at the ICD’s for storage of goods carted direct at these centers
  • Control checks on entry & exit of goods
  • Helps our clients to reduce fixed overheads, increase efficiency, cut down valuable management time and offer great efficiency.