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Are you looking for one of the Top Freight Forwarding Companies in India, which can provide you high quality and safe transport services? Look no further than Y & H Cargo. We are one of the best logistics and freight forwarding service providers in India that offer you top-notch shipping, warehouse, Cargo Clearance Without Charges, and other services so that you won't have to worry while making a contract with us.

Who We Are?

Y & H Cargo was established in 2011. As a Cargo logistics company, we are offering our services on our online platform so that the clients won’t have to face any issues to reach our services. With the help of our digital platform, our customers can connect us for our worldwide transport Cargo services.

Y & H Cargo is an A-Class Freight Forwarding Company.
We are approved by the Ministry of Commerce of INDIA and member of Inter-Global Logistics Network (IGLN - No.),FMC Licence, FFAI, World Cargo Alliance or WCA (101523),/ JC Trans ID: 113116 and Multimodal Transport Association (MTO-No.:DGS/1135/JAN2023) (DELHI CHAMBER OF COMMERCE) to ensure that our customers will get legitimate services. We are FNC NETWORK MEMBER & MOTION NETWORK Members. If you are willing to learn more about our certification or want to check out who certified us, feel free to click here. As a Cargo Forwarder provider, we are determined to provide our clients with more efficient services while enhancing the visibility and predictability of supply chains.

Our Mission

As one of the Best Freight Forwarders in India, our goal is to provide high-quality Logistic Services. That is why we concentrate on international Sea Freight, AirFreight Business, Customs Clearance, and Warehouse availability services into a large-sized modern Logistics enterprise. Besides this, we primarily offer Warehouse Facilities in different regions in INDIA like Mumbai – Delhi – Chennai - & Kolkata Port. It serves the foreign client making free trade and nomination customer 3-PL as well as 4-PL Service Facilities.

What Do We Serve?

Do you want to know how we at Y & H Cargo help people? We are one of the top companies in India that offer you top-grade Freight Forwarding Services, including Value Added Services . Here are our top services that can make your work Hassle-Free:

  • Sea Freight: We have direct contact with Shipping lines for our Ocean Freight Services and offer direct rate from the Shipping Lines. We don’t hide anything from our customers. Click here to learn more.
  • Air Cargo: Looking for the air Freight Services that will ensure your consignment will be delivered ? Look no further than Y & H Cargo, India’s Best Air Freight Forwarder who has direct contact with Air Line for slot booking to ensure your Cargo will be delivered without Hassle. Check here how we work.
  • Project Cargo: We have a team of experienced professionals who ensure that our clients will get cost-effective Logistic Solutions with transparency. Want to know how, click here for more information.
  • Warehouse Services: Are you worried about where will be your Shipment stored? You don’t need to. Y & H Cargo has got you covered. We have Direct Port Delivery (DPD) and Container Freight Station (CFS) facilities to make sure that, your Cargo will be safe and sound until the departure. Learn more here.
  • Custom Clearance: Want to hire a Custom Clearance Agent who will help you complete the paperwork without wasting time? With Y & H Cargo, you don’t need to hire anyone because we will offer Direct and Paperless Services for Custom Clearance. We will do all the heavy work on behalf of you. Check out here.

Why Choose Us?

Do you want to know what makes Y & H Cargo different from other Freight Forwarding Companies near me? The following points will help you:

Top-Notch Services

Y & H Cargo is known for their Fast and Straightforward Services. From starting to Affordable Prices to credit facility to delivery, we are there for you. Whether you are looking for air freight or want Ocean Freight, we will let your headache away from you. As one of the Top Freight Forwarding Companies in India, we will ensure that you will get your consignment delivered on time.

Smart Delivery

At Y & H Cargo, we believe our clients should get satisfactory results. That is why we have expertise in every country. And our team of professionals has good experience in what products are imported and exported from which country. We don’t want to bother our clients with unnecessary documentation or other formalities. We offer Customs Clearance Services so that our clients sit back and relax. We will do all the weight lifting along with timesheets and invoices.

24/7 Support

We understand the value of time, which is why our team is ready to assist you 24/7. We always are there when it comes to helping our customers. Whether you need to learn more about our services or want to know where your consignment has reached the very point: 

You will get detailed information via our customer care team. We track down our to update you on the very time. Because we understand how valuable time is for you, we ensure that you will get the exact information you seek from us. By keeping this in mind, Y &H Cargo Having Own offices in almost 5 locations in INDIA will ensure you get proper assistance without delay.

Digital Transformation of Logistics

We are determined to provide high-quality freight services. Whether you are looking for Cargo Shipment or air consignment, we have got you covered. We have made a delightful contract with most Shipping Line & NVOCC in INDIA. Big or small… We can handle it all.

Feel free to contact us and let your tensions about the consignment or Cargo Clearance leave on our shoulders. We will make sure your Cargo will reach on time without any hassle.

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